Star Spangled Tee DIY

Michali is wearing a Moraleyes customized DIY flag tee along with Sullivan sunglasses

For our 4th of July shoot, Moraleyes decided to get thrifty and assemble our very own, one-of-a-kind patriotic T using entirely recycled materials. It was a lot of fun and surprisingly easy.

To show your stars and stripes in your very own American flag t, follow our simple instructions and rock it out this Independence Day!

You will need

•    Any light colored t shirt
•    Red and blue paint (fabric, acrylic, tempera, or house paint will work)
•    A container for water
•    A cutting board or piece of flat cardboard
•    A clear sheet of plastic or mylar (2 pieces of clear packing tape stuck together could work too!
•    A star template : we found ours at (you can always draw a freehand star for an even more DIY touch)
•    Scizzors or an exacto blade

1.    Print out a star template and place the plastic sheet on top. Trace the shape into the corner of the plastic leaving room around the edges of the shape, or skip the template and draw a freehand star on the plastic.

2.    Slice the inside shape of the star using an exacto blade or scissors.

3.    Cut a circle around the star (you can cut any shape you like! A square would work too).

4.    Now cut 2 stripes. One of shorter and one of longer length

Now to spruce up that old forgotten T:
1.    Slide the flat board inside of your t-shirt.
2.    Fold the sleeves and excess material behind so that the area you want to print on is nice and smooth.

3.    Take your star stencil and smear one side of the star with blue paint (we did some old-school finger painting here in the office).
4.    Carefully place your star painted side down onto the t shirt, patting down on the dry side with your fingers.
5.    Peel the star gently from the corner.
6.    Repeat step 3 and 4 to create as many stars as you like!

And stripes!
7.    Next, using red paint, repeat step 3 on the short stripe.
8.    Stamp the stripe down at the top of the flag
9.    Repeat as necessary
10.    Repeat painting and stamping with the long stripe to complete your flag!

Don’t stress about perfection. The more raggedy it looks, the cooler! We even spattered some extra blue paint over the flag for added funk. Make it your own, and prepare to dazzle!

Featured sunglasses: Sullivan


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