Lavender and Love

There lives in New York a young woman named Calliope who loves to wear lavender. She is exactly 6′ tall, of fair complexion with eyes to match the Montana sky. On August 23, 2012, an unprepared Calliope will meet her one true love, a Parisian vendor of perfumes named Alex, who will approach her with a bough of lavender and a declaration of love at the southwestern entrance of Madison Square park.  Calliope and Alex will experience a transcendent romance through the afternoon, only to be separated by the overwhelming crowds of the MOMA, never to hear of or see one another again.  The outfit below is what Calliope will wear on that fateful day.

Lavender and Love

Oasis silk blouse
$90 –

Printed skirt
$35 –

Dolce&Gabbana platform heels
$417 –

Robert Rose navy necklace
$42 –

Isharya flower jewelry
€34 –

Matthew Williamson bridal flower hair accessory
$195 –


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