Walk The Trails

Despite what fitness magazines would have you believe, summer isn’t solely about what you wear to the beach. There is such a thing as a chilly summer day, and in advance of such days, we’ve constructed the adaptable and attractive ensemble seen below. Where did we start? With a lovely, oversize wharf sweater from barbour.com, and for additional coverage we added a vintage hooded leather jacket from Josephm.com. For legwear, we settled on linen shorts with a high-waist to leave ample breathing room for a pair of artful Steve Madden tanned leather boots. And we’ve accessorized with Abbie tea-shade sunglasses — available at moraleyes.com — and a burnt orange leather bowling satchel from designer Michael Kors.

Walk the trails

Barbour sweater

Barbour hooded jacket
£200 – josephm.com

Barbour brown jacket
£200 – josephm.com

Irwin Jordan vest
£92 – theoutnet.com

Vince linen shorts
$222 – boutique1.com

Steve Madden kitten heels
$100 – heels.com

Michael Kors leather handbag
$348 – piperlime.gap.com

Rhodes Acid Washed Frame
$42 – artgalleryframes.com

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