Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!

Every April and May, there stirs within the North American populace an instinctual need to unclutter the living space. We’re referring, of course, to that annual ritual called spring cleaning, the yearly purging of unwanted dirt, dust, receipts, and obsolete goods from all over one’s house (preferably with Paul Simon’s ‘Graceland’ album playing on the stereo). And with all this purging going on, there will be a great number of unused glasses being found in the back of drawers and under beds and elsewhere around the house, and many of the uncovered glasses will subsequently be examined, deemed no longer fashionable, and thrown in the nearest wastepaper basket due to there being no convenient means of recycling one’s eyewear.

…Despite the fact that millions of these dumpster-bound glasses are in fine working condition.

Last year, having recognized a lack of eye wear recycling options in the US and Canada, Moraleyes decided to launch an eyewear recycling program of our own, producing and distributing eyewear collection bins across the United States, to not only keep good glasses out of landfills, but give them a second life by donating them to our non-profit partner, New Eyes, who in turn donate them to individuals in underserved communities all around the globe.

Think about it. You may have old pairs of glasses laying around the house at this very moment. And if that’s the case, think of the good those glasses could do. With a single pair of reading glasses, a senior citizen could avoid a forced retirement caused by naturally declining vision. With reading glasses, a young girl struggling with farsightedness could keep pace in school despite her handicap, a handicap that we often take for granted due to the relative ease with which we are able to acquire vision care and correction.

We ask that you please keep an eye out for unused glasses. Found glasses can be donated at a collection point near you, or sent directly to New Eyes at: 549 Millburn Ave. P.O. Box 332. Short Hills, NJ 07078.

Parties interested in hosting an eyewear recycling box can fill out our request form.

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