Seeking Annie Hall

Annie Hall’s influence lives on 35 years after her introduction to audiences around the world. Here, we’ve created an outfit we think she’d wear in the here and now, 2012. We started with a striped cotton dress shirt and solid grain tie, both available at, and an Italian chino vest from JCrew. The Victoria’s Secret flares add a certain joie de vivre to the outfit, and we’ve accessorized with fashion frames from and a gold Betsey Johnson watch from

Annie Hall 3000

Biba silk jacket
£97 –

Victoria’s Secret flare pants
$70 –

Gianmarco Lorenzi platform heels
£524 –

Betsey Johnson bracelet watch
$135 –

A V Max yellow gold bangle
$45 –

Kate Spade heart jewelry
$48 –

Dorothy Perkins waist belt
$5 –

Bb Essentials Solid Grain Tie
$34 –

MAC Cosmetics makeup
$22 –

MAC Cosmetics lip gloss
$15 –

Boys’ vest in Italian chino
$80 –

Clear shades

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