Moraleyes Holiday Stocking Tutorial

This holiday season, we wanted to spruce up the Moraleyes office to reflect the spirit of the holidays. And to keep the decorations in line with the green aspect of our company, we decided that–rather than simply buying new adornments–we would create them from a variety of used materials. The following Christmas Stocking tutorial is just one blueprint of what one can create with household materials and a little ingenuity. It provides a great family project for the holiday season, and helps save not only materials, but money! So please enjoy, and happy holidays!

1. Draw a stocking shape onto a large envelope. Try and use a part of the edge so that you will be able to keep both sides together later on.

2. Cut the ‘Stocking’ shape out.

3. Use glue and put it along every edge except the top. This will make your stocking into a pocket.

4. Cut out text from newspapers. Paste them onto the stocking with a mixture of water and non-toxic glue. Use your brush to apply the mixture. Allow to dry (1 hr or so).

5. Cover the entirety of the stocking with a single sheet of red tissue paper. Paste it on by using  the same water + glue mixture from earlier.   Allow to Dry (1 hr or so).

6. Use shredded paper for the white part of the stocking. Put glue on the surface first. Sprinkle the shredded paper onto the glue.

8. I also made some holly to decorate my eco-stocking with. You can make it out of the same type of envelope from earlier, but I used a thin cardboard box for mine. Draw the leaf shape onto the surface.

9. Cut the leaf out.

10. Cover the leaf with green tissue paper and paste it on with the mixture from earlier. Mold the tissue around the leaf shape or cut off the remains once dry.

11. Use bits of your red tissue and roll it between your fingers in order to make them into a round shape.

12. Use glue to put the red tissue balls onto the leaves once they’ve dried.

13. Use glue or very strong tape to attach the holly leaves onto your stocking.

14. For a plump stocking use shredded paper to stuff it with.

15. For a hanger, I used a piece of red tissue paper I rolled into a thick string and looped it. I then stapled it to the back of the stocking (be careful with stapling the stocking shut).

And behold, you have created a lovely, homemade Christmas decoration utilizing everyday materials!

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