Operation Kenya Kids

We recently wrote a post about an uplifting thank you note we received from Carolyn Sullivan, founder of Operation Kenya Kids. In her note, Carolyn updated us on a donation of eyeglasses made to her organization, and thanked us for connecting her with our non-profit partner, New Eyes for the Needy. And we’re happy to say that the donated glasses have since reached Nairobi, Kenya, and been distributed to those in need.

And we needn’t be thanked. On the contrary, we’re so impressed with Operation Kenya Kids that we want to thank them. Their mission is so simple and direct that it’s an inspiration.

Because get this: OKK was established only seven months ago.

How did it come about?

While traveling in Kenya, Carolyn and her husband, Cliff, noticed that the school children were going without basic supplies like pencils and paper.  The couple couldn’t believe something so abundant in the US could be so lacking abroad, and so when they returned home, they spread the word to friends, family, and acquaintances, and asked for donations of school supplies to ship back to school teachers in Kenya.

And it’s worked. The Sullivans’ community has responded so enthusiastically that Operation Kenya Kids has expanded their accepted donations to include backpacks, clothes, eyeglasses, athletic equipment, and more.

It’s so incredibly simple. The Sullivans saw an opportunity to help, so they helped. They went home, spread the word, collected items, and shipped them back to community organizer and friend, Edith Munubbe.

It’s something anyone could do, but which few actually think to do.

In fact, the more one stops and actually thinks about the disparity in resources in the world, the more insane it becomes. And the more one stops and actually thinks about how much they own, the more one realizes just how much they can spare.

So again, thank you Operation Kenya Kids. Both for the work that you’re doing and for the realization that your work has inspired: with enough willpower and enthusiasm, even the simplest idea can make worlds of difference.

To donate, or for more information on Operation Kenya Kids, email operationkenyakids@usa.com or call (727)-595-2167

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