Moraleyes Morale

Office tasks sometimes get the best of you. It’s inevitable. You might, say, stay on hold with a supplier for a half hour only to realize at the end of that half hour that you’ve been on hold with the wrong supplier. Or you might, in a moment of distraction, staple the end of your tie to a stack of invoices.  Even at Moraleyes, with born optimists sharing a common goal, everyday office tasks sometimes thin our spirits. We’re not immune.

That’s why a recent thank you letter from Operation Kenya Kids was so uplifting. See below.

Operation Kenya Kids reached out to us in early August, requesting we help them accomplish their goal of supplying children in Kenya with school supplies. We researched the OKK program, and seeing an opportunity to secure vision correction for those in need, brokered a partnership between OKK and our non-profit partner, New Eyes for the Needy. Within weeks, Carolyn and OKK had received and shipped boxes of prescription glasses to different rural schools in Kenya!

The knowledge that young children needing vision correction will soon see clearly for the first time  makes even the most unfortunate tie-stapling worth it.

So thank you, Carolyn Sullivan.

The pleasure was ours.

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