Moraleyes in Times Square

It’s clear as glass, glasses are back…specs sported on seniors, Spring Chickens, and everyone in between. As we load up our Moraleyes inventory and we watch sales sprout among our Dock wayfarer style, an ever popular retro pair, we grow more and more reminiscent of the days of yore, when street cars were named Desire and bushy browed beauties glanced coyly from behind their oversized, demure frames. With new shows and fashions cropping up, reminding us of long forgotten foibles and fun, we grow ever curious at the sudden throwback to the mid-century.

The fifties was an age of innocence and a time of turmoil. With musical muses, relentless censorship and smart cat eyes frames reigning the fashion hierarchy, it was a time almost virtuous enough to overlook the feverish Soviet scout and the sound of sirens masking the school bell ring. It was an age of ambiguity.

Eyeglasses, in their own way, are enigmas. On the one hand, glasses represent necessity. They’re workaday tools that help us function, but they serve a superficial role as well, offering first ladies the official moniker of Fashion Icon. They make us look smarter in form and function. They’re Geek-Chic, task -masters with fashionable flare.

It was a no brainer to have our first ad campaign channel an age when eyeglasses were becoming a decided fashion statement. We were fortunate to discover our model, Katie Gokhshteyn, a gorgeous girl with the lackadaisical sophistication of Audrey Hepburn and enough intrigue to capture the entirety of Times Square. She was coy and captivating in our studio and even more so among the flashing billboard lights where she glowed in her painterly fashion, there to remind us that while the world may be ever changing, we can still cozy up and bury our noses in our favorite old classics, cherishing our lasting innocence in style.

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