2,600 Pairs Delivered: Our Trip to New Eyes

Every now and then you get wrapped up in excel sheets while your sense of purpose gets lost among fortresses of cardboard boxes. Life becomes about the details and you search for that billboard reminder of the big picture.

This week at MoralEyes, a sense of purpose was renewed. We took a zip car out to Short Hills New Jersey, ready to make a large donation and watch a team of dedicated philanthropists work out the details to make a big change in the world. There were bins to be sorted, lenses to be checked and lives to improve.

The process entailed within the New Eyes operation takes many hands and minds. We met with Susan Dyckman, executive director of the organization who was incredibly gracious. She gave us a tour, introduced us to some striking volunteers with special needs ready to make a mark in the world and to Jake, the New Eyes veteran who has been dedicated to the cause for over seventeen years.

We discussed the need for sport glasses to protect soldiers from sand storms and sunglasses for young children to protect their youthful eyes. We brainstormed new avenues to aid in the New Eyes cause and have come up with some revolutionary ideas including one which, if successful, might not only double MoralEyes donations to the charity, but encourage people to promote a healthier, greener planet.

It was an exciting day, full of surprises and encouragement, and we all left with an improved sense of energy, grateful for being part of such an incredible process.

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