Much Thanks from Equality Charter School

Last fall while I was just beginning to work on MoralEyes I had met Katrina Scherben, the Chair of the Science Department at Equality Charter School in the Bronx. With the company’s mission consistently on my mind I was excited to share our vision, hoping for some feedback from a passionate and gifted teacher. Surely Katrina would find relevance in our goals of promoting literacy and education through our donations of reading glasses.

Ms. Scherben was a MoralEyes supporter from the very beginning and has continued to check in on our progress. A few months down the road she called me with what was definitely the strangest request I had ever received. She asked if I would be interested in donating frogs, sheep brains and hearts to her middle school students.  She explained that she had a very important lesson planned for her students, but the needed specimens were expensive and well out of a charter school’s budget.

If MoralEyes was looking to promote education as I had told her months earlier, what better way to do so than directly and locally? The charm and irony were too much to bear, and so we decided to appropriately include sheep eyes, schooling the children on the complex inner workings of their peepers and giving them a further appreciation of the the grand potential of clear vision. With my brother and business partner Joe on board, we sent out a large shipment, ready to be giddily handled by tomorrow’s scientists, doctors and science aficionados.

The lesson was a raving success, punctuated by an abundance of crayola inscribed thank you notes and enthusiastic tales of freaky frog brains. The children learned about the different chambers of the heart and in doing so have touched ours.

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