Welcome to MoralEyes

In business, as in life, clarity of vision often provides not only direction but also purpose and substance. Our vision allows us an awareness of the realities we face every day. Yet at the same time it also provides the scope of sight necessary to realize our most ambitious and challenging of aspirations. It can be argued that humanity and its entire course of history is not only inspired by the visionary but also driven by such people.

At MoralEyes we are propelled by our vision. With our dreamy eyes set on changing the world, or perhaps it should be described as changing the way we see the world, we hope to represent a new breed of visionaries. As we look to the future, we see ourselves intertwined with thousands, and perhaps millions of people we hope to one day have a positive effect on. Our vision comes to light under the auspices of an umbrella organization we have aptly titled “Fillentropy”, an entity that will spawn a series of enterprises, all aimed at using portions of our profits to give back to those in need.

We’re calling it Responsible Consumerism and it’s not just lofty rhetoric. Already we are launching the first of what we’re confident to say will be many successful endeavors. And perhaps appropriately enough this first one is quite literally a sight to behold.

As a company dedicated to the gift of true vision, MoralEyes is already creating an impact that will be felt by thousands of people lacking the most basic of tools needed to see the world as it can and should be seen. The concept is simple … for every pair of high quality, fashion forward reading glasses sold … an identical pair is donated and distributed to someone who cannot afford the luxury of clear vision. Through a partnership with New Eyes for the Needy, an organization responsible for bringing improved vision to more than 7 million people around the world since 1932.

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